About Qualito Craft Distillery

The Qualito Craft Distillery Story

Crafted with pride. Poured with pleasure

Craft Producers of Whisky, Gin,Brandy and Vodkas.

“To amble through our fascinating working craft-distillery is to walk in the footsteps of master-distillers Pierre and Loumarie Raubenheimer , who are on their twenty-year-long quest towards the realization of their dream.”

Upon arrival in our historic hometown of Phalaborwa, you will be beguiled by bright sunshine, clean air and the unspoiled beauty of the Lowveld. Be prepared to discover many delicious secrets that are waiting to surprise and delight you here in the beautiful valley where the where Ga Selati and Olifants Rivers come together.

No visit to the region can be considered complete without a visit to the Qualito Craft Distillery.

Here, where spirits are meticulously coaxed by hand from grain to glass, just one sip of any one of our meticulously crafted creations will assure you that you have embarked upon a truly delicious and remarkable journey of discovery.

The Distillery has come a long way since the founders began pouring their time and passion into crafting infused vodkas, whisky, brandy, gin and boutique cocktails of uncompromising character and quality. We invite you to come and take your taste buds on a tour through the Distillery.

Inspiring new innovations are always dripping from distiller’s “the bird’s beak.”

When you are drawn back by the tantalizing scent of herbs and exotic aromatics you are almost always certain to discover something new.

Master Distiller Pierre Raubenheimer expresses his passion for his craft like this:

“A true craftsperson puts a big part of themselves into what they do. Time. Learning. Creativity.

If I put something special into every bottle, then people will get something special out.”

Come and see for yourself how and taste what it means to distill with passion.

Book your Qualito Distillery Tour right now and serve yourself a glass full of adventure.

And don’t forget to take home a selection of our handcrafted creations to pour with pleasure at your leisure.

Small Batch. Big Heart

Rallying behind their motto, “Crafted with pride. Poured with pleasure,” and bolstered by a range of outstanding handmade, hand-bottled products, the small batch Distillery is elevating standards of craft distilling, not just in South Africa, but around the world.

A team as unique as the blends it crafts.

Twenty years ago, Pierre and Loumarie Raubenheimer began pouring their time and passion into crafting infused vodkas, whiskey, gin and boutique cocktails of uncompromising character and quality. Born in 1973, Master Distiller Pierre Raubenheimer graduated from “Tuks,” the University of Pretoria. In his role as a systems specialist at Vodacom he travelled widely and was able to indulge his growing passion by sampling the best examples of craft distilling wherever he found them. In 2005 he started his own business in Phalabowra and his dedication to the art of fine distilling was rewarded a few years later with the release to the public of the Distillery’s first fine crafted offerings.

Partner in life and craft, Master Blender Loumarie Raubenheimer, met her husband-to-be while completing her studies at “Tuks”. Since 2005 Loumarie and Pierre have formed the perfect duet with Loumarie enhancing Pierre’s fine spirits with innovative combinations of traditional and exceptional modern organics.

Every composition needs a conductor and Assistant Distiller Mary Noboza was tailor-made for the role. A hard working mother of four, Mary literally came up from the proverbial “shop floor” to her current key role. Hold up an empty glass because Mary is currently creating her own brand of beer.

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